Experts in Domestic Violence Law in Maryland and Virginia

Have you been hurt by your partner or someone in your family? Few things are more difficult than dealing with the physical and emotional pain of abuse. The attorneys at Salvado, Salvado & Salvado are here for you if you’ve experienced domestic abuse. Whether your case requires a restraining order or further legal action, our goal is to protect your rights and your safety.

Get out of harm’s way today by coming to our law firm. You don’t need to hide in fear if you’re being abused, threatened, or harassed. Abuse should never be a part of a loving relationship. If your partner is causing harm to you, then it’s time to take action. We are compassionate domestic violence attorneys that provide the legal protection you need.

We See Both Sides of the Story

Were you accused of domestic violence? Accusation doesn’t mean guilt. And a guilty verdict doesn’t mean you should receive the maximum penalty. When you’ve been charged with domestic abuse, Salvado, Salvado & Salvado is here to provide competent legal representation and compassionate guidance. We understand that even though you were charged with the crime doesn’t mean you actually committed it.

When you have been arrested for domestic abuse, whether you are guilty or innocent, you can put your trust in our experienced attorneys. We specialize in domestic violence law in Maryland and Virginia. As expert domestic violence attorneys, we strive to ascertain the actual truth behind the allegations and then provide competent legal defense. At the same time, we passionately represent you and work persistently to lessen or eliminate the charges.

The Legal Defense You Need

At our firm, we trust our clients. However, we ask that you are honest with us as well. We believe you are innocent of all charges until proven guilty. Still, even if you are guilty of the accusations, we understand that mistakes happen—ones that you regret. Life can be hard. We don’t judge you but provide the domestic violence services you need. Allow our attorneys to sort through the details and offer a sense of calm during this time.

If not handled correctly, a domestic violence case can escalate into child custody battles or even lengthy prison sentences. Don’t face the judge alone without a trusted and skilled domestic battery attorney at your side. Rely on our lawyers that are practiced and informed, as well as compassionate.

Contact us for prompt attention to your needs if you have been charged with domestic violence, or if you’ve been a victim of abuse. We proudly serve clients throughout Maryland and Virginia.